If a consumer elects to provide Usio with personally identifiable data, he or she has the right to tell us not to make some of the uses of such data described in the Usio Privacy Policy, or may have such data deleted in its entirety. Simply contact us and provide the name of the service for which you provided information and let us know what level of opt-out you would like to exercise.

These include:
(1) Do not share information about me with business partners,
(2) Do not solicit me with special offers other than those related to the service I signed up for,
(3) Remove my data from your database for such service completely. Once we receive this instruction, we will promptly take corrective action. Please note that we will need you to provide your email address or other previously provided personal identifier in order to identify you in the Data Opt-Out process. Also, please remember that if you choose to delete your information completely you will no longer receive the Usio service in question.

Opt out of data sharing

The use of "cookie" files has become an industry standard for many, if not most, of the thousands of companies doing business on the Internet. Like these other companies, Usio and its third party advertising technology vendor also uses cookies in an effort to provide a more meaningful web-surfing experience to Internet users. Cookies are text files that are placed by a client server onto the browser of a visitor to a website. These files are harmless to your computer, and can store navigation information as you move throughout the website. The cookie information can only be read by the server that authored the cookie, and provides no personally identifiable information about the individual who is using the computer (only the computer used to access the Web through what is known as the IP address).

Cookies perform many important and useful functions: they help website owners determine which sections of their sites are more appealing to their visitors; they help speed the web experience by eliminating the need to enter user names and passwords constantly; they make it possible to provide personalized pages for the visitor; they help advertisers avoid repeatedly serving the same ads to the same visitor; and they help advertisers learn which advertisements are of interest to visitors.

Usio and its third party advertising technology vendor uses cookie files to collect anonymous web-surfing information, known as Click Stream Data, on web surfers who visit websites in our web network, and who respond to advertisements that we show. None of the Click Stream Data is personally identifiable. Collecting the Click Stream Data assists us in delivering targeted and more relevant advertising messages to web surfers.

As you can tell from above, cookies serve many useful purposes for the Internet community. Nevertheless, Usio firmly believes that every individual who uses the Internet should be able to make informed decisions with respect to individual privacy matters, including the use of cookies. One way to prevent the use of cookies is through adjusting the preferences on your Internet browser. Most browsers permit you to remove cookies that have been previously stored, as well as prevent the future use of cookies. You may also opt-out of Usio's use of cookie files with your computer. If you would like to do so, please click below.

Opt out of data sharing